Buy Commission Portraits | "Sullen" | Russell Edwards Art
Progression #1 Sullen

Progression is a new blog mini series detailing many of Russell Edwards’ artworks. #1 displays Russell Edwards’ process for painting a beautiful Commission Portrait, titled “Sullen”, in oils. Follow Russell on Social Media to get…

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AERA Certificate | Russell Edwards Art
AERA Certification

With great pleasure we can announce Russell’s membership of the exclusive Association Embracing Realist Art, or AERA for short. AERA is committed to increasing awareness of high quality art, and raising the standards for realist…

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Jake Rides Solo | Oil Painting | Russell Edwards Art
Russell Edwards Q&A Pt 5

Name three artists you’d like to be compared to. Couldn’t be so presumptuous sorry. Favourite or most inspirational place? Venice – totally unique place – and standing in front of the “Birth of Venus’ by…

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My Working Space

Having a personalised unique working space is something many artists find incredibly important, and Russell is no exception. Blending his love of guitars and painting, Russell’s studio is a visually exciting space where art and…

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Let's Go | Oil Painting | Russell Edwards Art
Russell Edwards Q&A Pt 4

What do you dislike about the art world? The pretentious bullshit! What do you like about your work? I will like certain parts of a painting, perhaps the way the light is depicted, or the…

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Russell Edwards Exhibition

We’re proud to announce that Russell has just agreed a solo art exhibition at Llangollen Museum, just in time for Christmas. A careful selection of Russell’s pieces will be displayed from Wednesday 7th December for 4…

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